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About Us

Simple Modest Clothing vision and purpose is very simple.  We try to meet the need of women who live a lifestyle that called for simple modest clothing.  As modern life become fast paced eand demanding our approach is to make simple and easy, clothing.   Our focus is providing modest clothing with a fresh style appeal that is modern, simple and easy to wear.  We make a conscious effort to clothing of women whose preferences is to wear simple, easy and modest clothing.

We carry our own brand and we make our own product.  We employ confident and youthful staff from different and cultures. The passion and dedication towards our work have rewarded us with our customer’s loyalty and trust beyond imagination. As an online shopping platform, we are proud to introduce our product and designs to the market place. We are growing fast, yet we adhere to our simple modest clothing concepts. launched as a fashion platform created to provide an online market for a variety of customers who live a lifestyle of modesty.  Born in New York, we now have customers in different states.  Each month, we reach more visitors from all states via our mobile website and desktop platforms.

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